Dancer Auditions – Vincent Dance Theatre

Vincent Dance Theatre are holding Auditions in November to find 3 Young Male (age 11-18) performers to join the company from January to May 2020 to devise, perform, tour and film a new production called In Loco Parentis.

IN LOCO PARENTIS premieres on 03 March 2020 at Connaught Theatre, Worthing, touring to 6 further UK venues throughout March. There will also be filming of the production over 2 weeks from 4-17 May 2020. This is PAID WORK for the periods employed by VDT. The production explores attachment and what it is like to grow up in care, incorporating real life testimonies from care – experienced young people gathered by VDT through VDT’s social engagement work.

Brighton Audition – 9 November 2019

London Audition – 10 November 2019