Workshop with Thick & Tight - Dance City

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Newcastle Sunderland

Workshop with Thick & Tight

Wed 20 Mar 2024 2:45pm
Running time: approx 2 hours 15 mins
Age: 16+
As part of their UK tour of 'Tits & Teeth', Thick & Tight's co-director Daniel Hay-Gordon will be leading a workshop which delves into T&Ts unique choreographic blend of ballet and contemporary dance techniques with drag, mime and lip-syncing; participants will have an opportunity to learn sections from two new solos, currently in development as well as creating your own material based on our choreographic methods.

Join for a ballet barre at 2.45pm and we'll go from there!

This workshop is for those who have a Tits & Teeth performance ticket and have some dance experience

Image credits: Jon Archdeacon
Artist in image: Tom Davis Dunn
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