10 - Company Chameleon - Dance City

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Newcastle Sunderland

10 - Company Chameleon

A powerful triple bill to celebrate 10 years
Thu 03 May 2018 7:30pm
Running time: approx 1 hour and 50 mins (including interval)
Age: All
Tickets: £16.50
Concessions: £8.00,
£13.00 concession
Company Chameleon rewinds and fast forwards in a new triple bill celebrating its 10th anniversary year.

With a rich mix of movement techniques and athletic yet sensitive choreography, 10 explores human and personal issues, showcasing Chameleon’s trademark style of creating dance theatre that is both powerful and original.

“Beautifully revealing…unforgettably good.” The Guardian

“explosive economy and a breathtaking power and conviction” Donald Hutera, The Times - 4 stars
“fearless dancers and acute observers of human behaviour” Sanjoy Roy, The Guardian

"Intelligently structured, nicely detailed and danced with an energy that is sincere rather than flashy, Rites is a class act.” Mary Brennan, The Herald – 5 stars

"a powerful duet, Rites, is filled with punishing moves that give this dynamic piece of dance theatre a testosterone-charged edge." Kelly Apter, The Scotsman – 5 stars

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