Go Away Johnny - Peter Groom - Dance City

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Newcastle Sunderland

Go Away Johnny - Peter Groom

a blend of dance and theatre exploring memories
Sat 20 Oct 2018 7:30pm
Running time: approx 50 mins
Age: 12+ contains some nudity
Tickets: £9.50
Concessions: £8.00
"If the moments of quiet in our lives were elongated over a longer time, what would happen?"

One of the North East’s most interesting movement and theatre makers, Peter Groom creates a new world in which six performers search for connection through memories. Half remembered moments and encounters lead the characters on eclectic journeys.

Go Away Johnny is a blend of dance, theatre and performance exploring the nature of memory.

'Exquisite impressionistic expression of memories & pleasure'
Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh, ZENDEH, UK

‘Visually entrancing’
HOME, Manchester, UK

‘Filled with humour and passion; blurring the lines between dance, theatre and live art. An exceptional offering’
Charlotte Maxwell, Theatre Critic , Manchester , UK

‘Sublime, fleeting, precious and human’
Audience member, Dance City, Newcastle, UK

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