We have lots of exciting artists in the building for Creative Summer this week with sharing’s at the following times this week.

Thu 3 Sept 3pm, Alex Rowland, Studio 5

Alex is a freelance dance artist based around the West Midlands. He creates and performs work through Trashdollys Dance Theatre. He has worked and performed with companies such as, 2faced Dance Company, Southpaw, Harnishlacy, and Company Decalage.

Piece – Abroad – Alex, Inspired by a trip to Brazil, questions himself and the environment he has been placed in.

Fri 4 Sept 1pm, Fun In The Oven, Theatre

‘Fun in the Oven’, an all female physical theatre quartet, are developing a new work that explores gender roles and gender politics through comedy, clown and movement. They will use the historical material on the ‘Munitionettes’, the British women who were employed in Munition factories during The First World War. Their stories (both collective and individual) offer fertile opportunities for play, exploration, spectacle and physical theatre. They are interested to explore the dark and light in the subject matter, as well as to draw parallels with contemporary life.

Fri 4 Sept 1.30pm, Fuora Dance Project, Studio 4

Fuora Dance Project is an emerging dance company (based in Scotland) set up by Federica Esposito and Giulia Montalbano.

T-his/T-hat is a piece mainly for children and it has been inspired by the concept of choice. Every day we deal with choices and possibilities which can influence or even change certain aspects of our lives. We wonder if we are always able to understand which the best option is.

Fuora Dance Project proposed an interactive performance in which children played an important role (DanceLive Aberdeen, 100 days/100 dances Aberdeen). They had the opportunity to approach Italian language, learning some basic words, such as colours, numbers, names of places and objects. This project has been self-funded and with some help from Scottish Dance Theatre. They would love to bring this performance to a higher level using more props and a proper scenography by an illustrator for children. They would also like to collaborate with an actor and playwrite, Eoin Lynch,  in order to create a familiar atmosphere with a solid mix of script and dance performance.

Fri 4 Sept 4pm, Gavin Coward, Studio 1

Using raw physicality, movement, mime and a dose of symbolism…’A symphony of Fear’ looks at the fears we all face as humans living in the world today, through the eyes of an unlikely hero and protagonist character called Mr Numb. From classic iconic childhood fears, to our personal, political and private fears, fears of the unknown, fears of letting go, growing up and moving on. Fears of death, the past, the present and the future.  A life lived in fear is a life half lived’

Gavin has carried out research on the topic and has interviewed a diverse range of people about their personal fears, which he will take into the creative process, to help him generate material and develop the pulse of the piece.

We hope you can join us and invite others to do so.