Dance City presents Punk Alley from Moxie Brawl!

Punk Alley is for the whole family, but some elements most engaging for children aged 5+.  There are two shows on Sunday November 5 – one at 11am and one at 2pm.

Punk Alley is a loud, wild, and unapologetic joyride of live original punk music and high energy dance. Enter the world of the Lazurr Tuts, a world-famous, guitar wielding, foot stomping punk band made up of misfits and outcasts. They are in the business of making music and speaking out, and you have been invited into an exclusive rehearsal.  

Dance, sing, shout, whisper, stomp, spin, sign and shake with the Lazurr Tuts on a journey of self-expression. No matter how loud or soft, the Lazurr Tuts want you to know, that what you say is important. Set your inner anarchist free and celebrate the joys of being you in a safe, caring environment in which everyone is equal.

Punk Alley is a show full of heart that asks big questions, creating a vibrant and fun space for young people to explore what they want to use their voice to fight for.

The show is fully BSL interpreted, and everyone is invited to participate in creating songs, writing placards, and playing music.

It’s electric, live and anything could happen. We’re in this together. Let’s make some noise! 

Punk Alley will be performed at Dance City on the 5th November 11am and 2pm. Book your tickets below.