Those of you who came along to our Season Launch last week may have noticed a group of beautiful sparkly Bollywood dancers making an appearance in the show’s opening number and these lovely ladies take part in our Bollywood class here at Dance City every Friday!

As well as being gorgeous to watch, Bollywood is a fun and enjoyable dance style that can double as a cardio workout. Fancy giving it a go? Here are our top reasons to try Bollywood dance…


Great Music – Bollywood music is characteristically catchy, energetic and upbeat as well as being designed to dance to, making it a great soundtrack to the class. Each song tells a story so you can channel your inner Bollywood film star as you move. 


Boosts coordination and rhythm – The style of Bollywood music and movement requires dancers to fully engage with and anticipate each beat, developing your natural rhythm whilst improving balance and coordination.


Aerobic exercise – Bollywood dance is very high energy and upbeat with movement that boosts oxygen supply to key muscles, providing great aerobic exercise and improving muscular resistance over time.


Tones the body – The fast pace and expressive moves of Bollywood dance can’t help but get the body moving quickly, it’s a great way to burn a few calories and improve muscle definition, particularly in the arms and calves.


Relieves stress – As we all know, recreational dance is a well proven reliever of stress and the happy and fun nature of Bollywood is the perfect remedy for a bad mood. It’s a great way to forget your worries and escape for an hour with dance routines to refresh your mind.


Fun – Bollywood dance is a fantastic workout with a feel-good factor. It’s upbeat, energetic and gets a sweat happening pretty fast. Whether or not you go into Bollywood dancing with a group or friends or solo, it’s a great way to make new friends and socialize as you meet other dancers.


For everyone – Bollywood dance is a melting pot of many different styles, touching on everyone’s personal strengths. It’s great for everyone from all walks of life – whether you’re older, younger, a seasoned performer or a complete dance novice!


You can give Bollywood a go at 6pm every Friday at Dance City. Our classes are designed to suit all abilities, even absolute beginners and those who have never danced before. Find out more and book your class here.