Full Commission – This is a show about Lying

An exploration into the good, the bad and the ugly of lying. Beyond the lies of the notorious criminals, politicians and celebrities, there exists a world of untruths that – ultimately – constitute what it means to be human.

Most of us are adept at lying. Our ability to lie is as fundamental as our ability to trust others. Lying is woven into our fabric – to lie is to be human.

How are you? Okay.

How old are you? 26. Soon.

Are you married? No.

Further exploring the use of episodic structures – as so often used in her work, This is a show about Lying is presented in the form of cabaret, specifically in the style of Vaudeville, using the format to comment on the ‘front’ of performance.

As in the style of Vaudeville, This is a show about Lying incorporates a series of acts that are woven into a contemporary dance narrative, using caricatures of the everyday as a method of understanding ourselves – and specifically, the act of lying.

This is a show about Lying will be performed by five multidisciplinary performers, incorporating dance, theatre and circus to create a spectacle of lies as a means of surviving, defending and conforming.

The Woman who likes to Please

The Men who like to be The Same

The Lady who says it How It Is

The Person who does not Fit In