Look. (POINT) You’ve never had it so good. We. Are moving. Forward.

Outlandish, theatrical and highly entertaining, ‘This really is too much’ delves into the downright absurd realities of what it means to be a 3-dimensional, high definition, water-drinking, salad-eating, moisturizing WO-man in modern society. Presenting farcical stereotypes and preposterous power struggles, four characters wrestle with restriction, gender and identity, trying desperately to work out which box they fit into.

We will be developing the piece to become an hour in length, responding to the feedback from the scratch performances of the 25min version, developed last year.

Interweaving irreverent physicality, arresting characters and original writing, Gracefool create dance shining a light on the idiosyncrasies of modern society. Their sharp humour is interlaced with political content and intellectual rigour, challenging and breaking new ground.

Gracefool are regularly invited to perform at venues and festivals across the UK, including The Roundhouse, Bridport Arts Centre, West Yorkshire Playhouse, The Place and Contact Manchester. Previous commissions have included Arrivals/Departures festival, Furnace (West Yorkshire Playhouse) and Northern Connections (NSCD).

Gracefool were the 2014/15 beneficiaries of CATAPULT – awarded yearly to the most exceptional emerging dance maker(s) in the North.